Outcome Of Meeting Dec. 5 Re China Creek

Sarah at 1:56 pm on Thursday, December 14, 2006
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Below is a letter from Park Planner Michel Desrochers regarding the outcome of the meeting that happened December 5 about what the future holds for China Creek.


This is to let you know of the outcome of the Dec. 5th meeting regarding China Creek South Park. This was a meeting of the Park Board’s Planning Committee, which is a sub-committee of the full Park Board (there are 7 Park Commissioners on the Park Board). There were 3 Park Commissioners present at the Planning Committee meeting: Korina Houghton, Spencer Herbert and Loretta Woodcock.
Park Board staff did not recommend Option 3 (as had been announced at the community meeting in October). Instead, Park Board staff recommended a phased transition:

– phase 1: implement Option 1 but remove the noisiest elements from the skateboard area (i.e. wooden ramps and metal rails);

– phase 2: remove existing skateboard area once a replacement facility is built at a nearby park OR if the existing skateboard area needs major financial investment.
A total of 20 citizens spoke at the meeting. Thirteen spoke in favour of Option 1. Seven spoke in favour of Option 3.
The Park Board’s Planning Committee decided to recommend Option 1 to the full Park Board subject to the following:

– the removal of the noisiest elements (wooden ramps and metal rails) from the skateboard area;

– the construction of a grassy berm south of the two skateboarding bowls to buffer noise;

– the addition of extra garbage bins near the skateboard area;

– the installation of signs near the skateboard area stating appropriate park etiquette;

– the formation of a park committee, consisting of residents, skateboarders and Park Board staff, to monitor, assess and act on operational issues in the park.

What’s next?

This project is scheduled to be discussed by the Park Board (all seven Park Commissioners) on January 15, 2007. We expect the Park Board to make a final decision about China Creek South Park at this meeting. Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting and, if they wish, to speak to the Park Commissioners. Park Board staff will write a report which will be available during the week of January 8th. I will send you an email in early January confirming the date of the meeting, how to register to speak and where you can find the report on the internet.
Please contact me should you have any questions/comments.

Website: http://vancouver.ca/parks/info/planning/chinacreeksouth/index.htm

Thank you.

Michel Desrochers
Park Planner
City of Vancouver
Tel: 604-257-8529

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