Park Board meeting update – Skate The Path To The Plaza!

Jeff at 11:22 am on Thursday, January 11, 2007
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There was a Park Board meeting on Tuesday night and two of the items on the agenda were the two-year review of The Plaza and a report on the status of Leeside.

So what happened? Basically, The Plaza was opened as a temporary facility whose feasibility would we assessed after two years, and two years was up. Word from Diana Guenther, the Skate Plaza Liason Officer, was that there were a group of City Gate residents who were very vocal and articulate about wanting The Plaza gone and it would probably be a good idea if a bunch of us went to the meeting to give our input to the Park Board. So we showed up, and the naysayers didn’t.

Thor Larson, Downtown J, and Geoff Dermer all represented the Coalition and made great speeches about The Plaza’s positive impact on Vancouver. Thanks guys.

There were a total of zero complaints about The Plaza itself, and only one indirect complaint, which was from a woman who is stoked on the skatepark but is concerned about the increased skate traffic on the Quebec St. sidewalk.

In the end, the Park Board recommended that The Plaza be made a permanent facility and that the City commit to performing all the required maintenance, which means that all those beat-down surfaces and ledges are in line for repairs. Thank-yous can be directed at city staffers Mark Vulliamy, Loretta Woodcock, Spencer Herbert, and Korina Houghton (sorry to whoever I missed).

What does this mean to you? Well, increased skate traffic on Quebec St. seems to be the main thing working against us, so do your part and avoid City Gate’s front yard. When you’re going to The Plaza, skate along the path on the west side of the street. That’s all the city wants from us in exchange for giving us The Plaza. It’s not too much to ask.

And Leeside? Well it doesn’t look like much progress has been made, but we’re working on it. Especially Thor and Michelle. We’ll continue to keep you posted on new developments as they happen.

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