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Jeff at 8:20 am on Tuesday, February 13, 2007
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There’s a few things going on over the next month for anyone who feels inclined to help out skateboarding in Vancouver. China Creek, The Plaza, Vancouver Youth Week… a facefull of fun’s to be had:

Thursday, Feb 15th at 6:15pm China Creek Clean-up: As you may or may not have noticed, the barrier disappeared from China Creek last week. The good news is that it was relocated to The Sweatshop by Fat Chris, Little Buddy, and Co., not to the scrapyard by the city maintenance crew. Thank yous can be directed to long-long-time skate scene support crew, The Jaks. There’s a few other small ramps still around though, and we’re going to be moving them on Thursday. Probably to the ghetto spot. Any help would be highly appreciated. After moving the ramps, go watch The China Creeps rip shit up at Pub 340.

Monday, Feb 19th at 11am – Youth Week Meeting at the Douglas Park Community Centre: The Coalition is going to host a demo or contest-type of event at The Plaza for Youth Week (early May) this year and we’re going to do it in conjunction with the D.P.C.C. (801 West 22nd) because our man Jeff Cole is in charge of the skateboard program there. Come on out if you want to be involved.

Monday, February 26th at 7pm – Park Board Meeting about The Plaza: Things are looking great for the future of The Plaza, and we want to make sure that it stays that way. Show the city administration types that we’re not spoiled kids who take skateparks for granted by coming to this meeting at the Park Board Administration Building (2099 Beach Drive) and telling everyone why The Plaza rules and should stay right where it is. Keep in mind that people who don’t want The Plaza there will be free to talk too. It’s better if there’s more of us.

Thursday, March 1st at City Hall – City Council Meeting about The Plaza: Because The Plaza is on both City of Vancouver and Park Board land, any decisions about its future might have to be deliberated on in a whole whack of meetings. We should make a positive showing at as many of these as we can. I’m not sure on the time, but it’s probably in the afternoon… will update asap.

Now go watch Southern Slaughter, the new Bacon Skateboards video.

Oh yeah, and do something nice for your girl/boyfriend tomorrow, not ’cause it’s Valentine’s day but because it’s what you should do. Over and out.

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