Meeting Reminder – Stand Up For The Plaza

Jeff at 10:42 am on Tuesday, February 20, 2007
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Just a reminder that there’s another Park Board meeting coming up where the City of Vancouver higher-ups will be discussing the future of The Plaza. In case you didn’t already hear it from Emily Rose or read my earlier post, the meeting is at the Park Board Administration Building (2099 Beach Drive) on Monday, February 26th at 7pm. If you skate The Plaza, you should come.

As you’ve probably already heard, in January the Park Board wisely recommended that The Plaza be made a permanent facility, but also noted that there are a few issues to be dealt with. The main concern is that a number of City Gate residents are finding the increase in skateboard traffic along the east Quebec St. sidewalk to be annoying/dangerous/infuriating. The Coalition is working with the Park Board, Engineering, and City Gate residents to come up with some solutions. At the last meeting, only one City Gate resident came with a complaint, but you never know, right? We’ve heard that there’s a motivated anti-Plaza group and if they show up, we should be there to put up a strong front on our side.

If you want some background info, the meeting agenda is here, and the Park Board’s staff report is here.

Also keep in mind that The Plaza is on the agenda for a City Council meeting on March 1st. Not sure of the time yet.

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