VSC’s very own Sarah Blyth is Vision’s Candidate for Vancouver Park Board

chris at 7:15 pm on Saturday, September 27, 2008
Tagged: Update

The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition would like to extend our congratulations to our very own Sarah Blyth – Vision Vancouver’s candidate for Park Board 2008. Vision Vancouver members went to the poles to vote for Park Board nominees at Sir Charles Tupper School on September 20th. Sarah surprised herself by coming #1 favorite Vancouver Vision Park Board nominee and as rumor has it – apparently beat out fellow nominees by quite a stretch. If your not familiar with Sarah – she is the founder of the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition and has been involved with many community events through out the years involving of course skateboarding, bmx and art. We obviously think that Sarah would make an outstanding addition to the Vancouver Park Board and invite you to become familiar with Sarah before election day.

Visit www.sarahblyth.com to learn more about Sarah!