Thrasher Video Premiere this Friday night at Leeside

chris at 6:39 pm on Tuesday, September 15, 2009
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Thrasher Under The Bridge DIY Video premiere

Whatcha’ doing this Friday night? Nothing? Really? Again? How ’bout you come down to Leeside and check out this new Thrasher video? Cool thing about this video is, it shows you what you can do when you get off your ass and make your own park. Just like Leeside. So, quit bitching, start building. Under the Bridge, a DIY Skateboard video just might be the inspiration you’re looking for to get us through the upcoming wet season.

Video features skating from some of the best known DIY projects like Burnside, Washington Street, Bordertown, Channel Street and FDR. Maybe the next video will have Leeside added to the list?

Presented by Antisocial. Video on at 8:30, so add this to your Friday night list of things to do!

If you need directions…  But you all should know by now – under Hwy 1 @ Hastings in Vancouver.

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