2016 Board of Directors

Norma at 10:29 pm on Thursday, February 11, 2016
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On February 10, this web 2016, physician a new Board of Directors was elected for the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition


The results are as follows:

Jeff Cole
Vice President & Treasurer: Michelle Pezel
Secretary: Glenn Caseley
Director Of Events: Melanie Mercier
Director of Marketing and Communications: Norma Ibarra
Executive Members: Will Pearson, viagra Spencer Hamilton and Geoff Dermer.
Members at Large: Chris Young,  Jesse Oye and Micheal Gordon.

We at the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition would like to thank Jesse Oye for serving as the secretary and all of the hours of work he contributed over the last year.
We would also like to thank the extraordinary skateboard community at large for their support through a very critical time.

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