March VSBC meeting

Vlad Tucakov at 8:24 pm on Thursday, February 28, 2019
Tagged: Update

Join us next Wednesday for the monthly meeting of the VSBC.

Aside from the update on various projects we are working on, we hope to get an update from the City staff on the activities to support skateboarding.

Please email if you would like to add an discussion item to the agenda.


1) Update from the city staff

2) Update on the goals for 2019 from people who are leading them:

  • Work with the City on developing the skateboard strategy document – WILL
  • Work with the City on VSBC’s priorities for the $2.4M capital spending project – JEFF
  • Work on upgrades and maintenance of current skate parks. e.g. fix up the granite ledges at the plaza. Look into materials that are being removed from the downtown mail post office building. – GEOFF
  • Engage with the art community to beautify skate parks with murals – MICHELLE
  • Finalize the list of events for the year – increase the number of events from last year- MICHELLE
  • Indoor skateboarding location for the winter of 2019/2020. – VLAD
  • Explore the idea of pop-up spots by having mobile obstacles – VLAD
  • Engage with the Vancouver School board for a possible indoor location- VLAD
  • Start fundraising initiatives – we started by donations during the meeting and raised $55! – MOSES
  • Organize a film festival to raise funds – NORMA
  • Upgrade the web page – OLIVER
  • Establish a formal membership system for VSBC – VLAD
  • Continue cooperation with the North Plaza at the Vancouver Art Gallery to make it skateboard friendly – JESSE
  • Create a Skate park adoption program to make sure that parks are looked after – VLAD
  • Start a trick of the year video competition with a @yvrtrickoftheyear Instagram handle – GEOFF

3) Open discussion.