4th Annual Mt Pleasant Grom go Getter

Norma at 4:25 pm on Monday, July 25, 2016
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The 4th annual “Grom go Getter” happened last July 23rd so much fun!

Thank you to all the volunteers and everyone involved!

Photos: Doris Huang

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Photo Recap: Bowl Series #22

Norma at 10:20 pm on Sunday, July 3, 2016
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Words and Photos: Norma Ibarra  “Lapir0”

The Bowl Series #22 made its kick off at the first stop of the series at Seylynn bowl in North Vancouver this past July 1st.  Over 50 skateboarders from our community participated in various categories from beginner to advanced.  What a great way to celebrate Canada Day!

Here is a photo recap.  To check the full photo album visit here.

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Go Skateboarding day Vancouver 2016

Norma at 12:39 am on Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Timebomb trading threw a rad celebration for Go Skateboarding Day (wich we all know is everyday) and we have a photo recap to prove it! 
Photos: Norma Ibarra Lapir0 to check full album visit here.
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Need Assistance? Call 311

Jeff Cole at 10:32 am on Monday, May 16, 2016
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Have you’ve found yourself at one of the skateparks in the city of Vancouver and found yourself looking at a situation or problem and wondering what you could do – or who you could talk to fix the issue?

Things like no garbage cans or recycling bins, information pills or the garbage is overflowing and needs to be picked up. Is there trash, hazardous materials, broken glass or syringes at the skatepark? Maybe the lights at the Plaza or Leeside are burned out and need replacing, or maybe … Well, you get what we mean.

Did you know that if you are a resident of Vancouver you can call the phone number 311????

311 is the City of Vancouver Contact line that puts you in direct contact with a person or department at City Hall so you can report problems and issues and have them dealt with.

“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.” – Moliere


Annual Youth Week Skateboard Contest

Jeff Cole at 4:14 pm on Thursday, May 5, 2016
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We had such an amazing fun day in the sunshine at The Downtown Skateboard Plaza for our Annual Youth Week Skateboard Contest.

Untitled design

Thanks to everyone that made it out, story  competitors, here parents, friends, The City and Parks Board of Vancouver, Youth Week BC, The Roundhouse, West End and Coal Harbour Community Centres and all our many sponsors that donated lots of awesome prizes for the youth.


Big shout out to all the volunteers that made the day run smoothly. Our tireless judges. Our awesome DJ Randal D. and to the best MC ever Jason Bothe !

Thank you !

20160501-IMG_5504 20160501-IMG_5512 20160501-IMG_5526 20160501-IMG_5613 20160501-IMG_5773 20160501-IMG_5784 20160501-IMG_5964

Photos: Norma Ibarra @Lapir0

Another successful ladies night!

Melanie at 10:28 am on Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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Words Melanie Mercier, Photos Norma Ibarra @Lapir0

Chickflip’s Ladies Night continues to grow and bring together new faces, familiar faces, seasoned veterans, young rippers, rusty bones, fresh off the press she-redders and supporters from all over the city.


Much like skateboarding itself, the format of ladies night is always evolving to keep the level of stoke high and tailor to all abilities. On April’s edition at SBC Restaurant, the first hour consisted of skate lessons where people learned to get comfortable riding their board and familiarized themselves with the ramp.


After the lessons were the screening of the legendary skateboarding documentary Skategirl by the Canadian filmmaker Susanne Tabata – a documentary that captured moments of history in the evolution of the professional female skateboarding industry. The documentary sure left the whole audience inspired and keen to get back on the ramp to skate some more for the remaining hour.


It’s amazing to see the smile on everyone’s faces throughout the whole night. From the time one hops on their board, to the time another progress or observes someone else land a trick. Everyone is supportive of one another regardless of their age and ability. A sense of community reigns throughout and it’s really rewarding to see.


For more information about upcoming events please visit the facebook group and/or instagram page.

Upcoming Events

Norma at 11:35 pm on Monday, March 14, 2016
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As we look ahead to another exciting summer, sales now is the time to mark your calendar with some of the activities and events that will be taking place in the coming months:
May 1: Youth Week at the Plaza Skatepark

June 19: Main Street Car Free Day

July 24: Grom Go Getter Kids Contest at Mount Pleasant Skatepark

Aug 13: Kids contest at Strathcona Skatepark

Stay tuned for more info!

Leeside Update

Michelle at 5:42 pm on Tuesday, March 1, 2016
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As some of you already know, Leeside has been an ongoing project in Vancouver for over ten years.
Frontside James going frontside.

Frontside James going frontside.

For those not aware, Leeside is a DIY project under the Cassier and Hastings connector, this place has so much history and it’s amazing on so many levels: a community built, city supported, 24 hours of light covered concrete painted madness.

Leeside Skatepark construction March 2016 0007

LEESIDE: Built with love Built from love.

Leeside has been through many phases which brings us to this one currently nearing the end.

After a checkup today, “The concrete is still dark grey and somewhat soft.”
Leeside WILL NOT be skateable this Monday !!!

Please be respectful of all the hard work and stay off of the park until further update ( mid week, most likely around Thursday)

To help finish building Leeside, visit this page.


Photos: Michelle Pezel and Norma Ibarra.
Leeside Skatepark construction March 2016 0002
Leeside Skatepark construction March 2016 0001
Leeside Skatepark construction March 2016 0012
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