New capital plan for Vancouver from 2019 to 2022

Norma at 12:08 am on Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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During the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition meeting on September the 5th Vancouver city officials gave the following update:
Capital Plan – The city has approved a new capital plan for citywide spending from 2019 to 2022 . This plan includes $2.4M of funding towards new skateboard and bike parks. One of the first projects to be completed with this funding will be a renewed Vancouver Skateboard Strategy which will guide the spending of the remaining budget over the next four years.
Skate Plaza 1.5 – The project is on permanent hold due to the new date of the viaduct removal and demolition of the existing Skate Plaza. The best estimate right now is 2024/25. This is good news because the current plaza will stay where it is. The consultant team has agreed to leave the contract for the Plaza 1.5 is open so that they can hit the ground running once word of the viaduct removal is issued.
Plaza improvements – improvements and the additional features at the Plaza are still planned. An update on when this work will go ahead will be given in the new year once the funding for the 2019 capital plan is available. The cost of this project will come out of the $2.4M capital plan. Upgrades and new features will be presented to the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition for approval prior to installation and repair.
We appreciate the hard work that the city is are doing for skateboarding in Vancouver and are looking forward to updates in the new year when the funding for 2019 becomes available.

Canada Skateboard

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Canada Skateboard is the national sports organization with the mission to support, promote and grow skateboarding in Canada.

On September the 5th, Jay Balmer, board member of Canada Skateboard, gave the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition a presentation about the reasons why the organization was created, detailed background on its goals and values and plans to continue to support skateboarding in Canada.

Canada Skateboard board members Kevin Harris and Kyle Dion also joined the meeting and provided personal reasons for joining the organization and their vision for the future of skateboarding.

While skateboarding is going through a lot of exciting developments, it was clear that community and culture were in the hearts and the minds of all that were present, and that Canada Skateboard is very similar to the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition, but at the national scale.

Thank you @CanadaSkateboard and #KEEPPUSHING!”

Art Gallery Meeting

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Geoff Dermer, Sasha , Mike and Jen (the City Engineer) organized a meeting with downtown skaters in the Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza. Here are a couple of pics of the VAG North dialogue with City staff…about long-term how skateboarding could be part of the VAG North Plaza.

Stay tuned for more information about this matter.

Interim Northeast False Creek skate plaza

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Big News for Skateboarders in Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver has finally revealed details about its plans to remove the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts and build a new 11-acre park in northeast False Creek.

Sadly, this means the Vancouver Skateboard Plaza is slated to be removed in early 2019

But … don’t fear !!!!!

The Vancouver Park Board is planning an interim skateboard plaza, that will act as a stand-in for the Downtown Skate Plaza, until they build us a new Plaza 2.0.

The proposed location for this new interim park is under the Cambie Bridge at Cambie St and W 2nd Ave.

The Parks Board is reaching out to and asking to hear from the skateboarding community and the public as they design this exciting new space!

Open House’s begin on :

Saturday, March 8 – 4pm – 8pm
Cambie Street site (corner of Cambie and W 2nd, at the base of the Cambie

Saturday, April 7 – 1pm – 4pm
Skate the Plaza with Daniel Yabar
Vancouver Skate Plaza
“Come and skate the world famous Vancouver Skate Plaza with skatepark designer Daniel Yabar.”

Click here for more details on upcoming open houses, design workshops, and a series of stakeholder meetings.

Vancouver Skateboarding Strategy

Norma at 12:58 pm on Monday, January 15, 2018
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After ongoing consultation with the VSBC, the Vancouver Park Board commissioners introduced a motion to vote on creating a new “Skateboard Strategy” for the city. On July 24, 2017 that motion was unanimously approved. 

This decision signifies a commitment from our city to create a framework for achieving an effective city-wide network of skateboard amenities.

A Skateboard Strategy will help create new skateboard parks, improve existing ones, and promote skateboarding in Vancouver.

The VSBC would like to thank the Vancouver Park Board, everyone who wrote letters of support, and anyone else who helped make this happen.

We look forward to working with the city to map out this strategy. 



AGM – 2017 Board of Directors

Norma at 7:56 pm on Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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In April we hosted our AGM, where we reviewed 2016  and elected this year’s Board of Directors, we are happy to announce the new board.

The results are as follows:

President: Jeff Cole
Vice President: Michelle Pezel
Secretary /Treasurer: Kristen Landry
Director of Events: Melanie Mercier
Director of Marketing and Communications: Norma Ibarra
Executive Members: Will Pearson, Spencer Hamilton and Geoff Dermer
Members at Large
Jesse Oye,  Micheal Gordon, Sasha Van Stavel, Bill Silver, Chris Young
IMG_7448 IMG_7449

We at the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition would like to thank our extraordinary skateboard community at large for their continued support .


Another successful ladies night!

Melanie at 10:28 am on Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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Words Melanie Mercier, Photos Norma Ibarra @Lapir0

Chickflip’s Ladies Night continues to grow and bring together new faces, familiar faces, seasoned veterans, young rippers, rusty bones, fresh off the press she-redders and supporters from all over the city.


Much like skateboarding itself, the format of ladies night is always evolving to keep the level of stoke high and tailor to all abilities. On April’s edition at SBC Restaurant, the first hour consisted of skate lessons where people learned to get comfortable riding their board and familiarized themselves with the ramp.


After the lessons were the screening of the legendary skateboarding documentary Skategirl by the Canadian filmmaker Susanne Tabata – a documentary that captured moments of history in the evolution of the professional female skateboarding industry. The documentary sure left the whole audience inspired and keen to get back on the ramp to skate some more for the remaining hour.


It’s amazing to see the smile on everyone’s faces throughout the whole night. From the time one hops on their board, to the time another progress or observes someone else land a trick. Everyone is supportive of one another regardless of their age and ability. A sense of community reigns throughout and it’s really rewarding to see.


For more information about upcoming events please visit the facebook group and/or instagram page.

Upcoming Events

Norma at 11:35 pm on Monday, March 14, 2016
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As we look ahead to another exciting summer, sales now is the time to mark your calendar with some of the activities and events that will be taking place in the coming months:
May 1: Youth Week at the Plaza Skatepark

June 19: Main Street Car Free Day

July 24: Grom Go Getter Kids Contest at Mount Pleasant Skatepark

Aug 13: Kids contest at Strathcona Skatepark

Stay tuned for more info!
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