New Vancouver Skateparks Get The Axe?

Jeff at 9:57 am on Thursday, March 6, 2008
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Looks like trouble’s a brewin’ over at the Park Board. Some staff members aren’t happy, and now we aren’t either. Why? Because on Monday (March 10th) at 7pm, the Park Board is holding a meeting to approve the current draft of the 2009-2011 Capital Plan… a plan that doesn’t include any funding for a new skatepark (look at page 3 near the bottom). What happened to the Park Board’s Skateboard Strategy?

When the Skateboard Strategy was approved in October 2005, Quilchena (Vancouver’s newest skatepark) had already been built. In 2006, when the Park Board told us that they were “leaning towards” bulldozing the bowls at China Creek, we were repeatedly assured that China Creek would be quickly replaced by the new skateparks that the Skateboard Strategy would be bringing to the city. And now they’re proposing a budget that completely cuts us out until 2011?

Want to do your part to help out Vancouver’s skateboard scene? Of course you do. So come to the Park Board Administration Office (2099 Beach Drive) on Monday, March 10th at 7:00pm. You also want to personally tell them what you think, so register to speak by calling the Board Secretary at 604-257-8451 before noon on the day of the meeting. The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition will be there and we’d love to see as many of you out as possible.

I just can’t stand the rain

chris at 3:21 pm on Monday, December 11, 2006
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MSN conversation

Carlo says: so tired and bored sitting around. i am restless.
Carlo says: i might scream.
Sarah says: yhea me too
Carlo says: days like this i wish there was an indoor skatepark!

guest stance aka sketch stance on myspace

I’m an immigrant and I just moved here to Vancouver from England in March via Montreal. I don’t have a lot of friends nd it’s days like this that I’m missing going to the skatepark and skating the bowl or vert ramp and just drifiting around and slashing the coping. Occasionally I’ll dump a 5o-50 or 5-0 down a wee hubba.

PS. check out my mate weasel on myspace and his sketchgueststance zine, it’s sick. Plus I’ll be drawing in his gueststance zine. Neckface (Thrasher Cover) is also gonna be in there. It’s sick. Get me on fwd slash skateknife.

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