New capital plan for Vancouver from 2019 to 2022

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During the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition meeting on September the 5th Vancouver city officials gave the following update:
Capital Plan – The city has approved a new capital plan for citywide spending from 2019 to 2022 . This plan includes $2.4M of funding towards new skateboard and bike parks. One of the first projects to be completed with this funding will be a renewed Vancouver Skateboard Strategy which will guide the spending of the remaining budget over the next four years.
Skate Plaza 1.5 – The project is on permanent hold due to the new date of the viaduct removal and demolition of the existing Skate Plaza. The best estimate right now is 2024/25. This is good news because the current plaza will stay where it is. The consultant team has agreed to leave the contract for the Plaza 1.5 is open so that they can hit the ground running once word of the viaduct removal is issued.
Plaza improvements – improvements and the additional features at the Plaza are still planned. An update on when this work will go ahead will be given in the new year once the funding for the 2019 capital plan is available. The cost of this project will come out of the $2.4M capital plan. Upgrades and new features will be presented to the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition for approval prior to installation and repair.
We appreciate the hard work that the city is are doing for skateboarding in Vancouver and are looking forward to updates in the new year when the funding for 2019 becomes available.

Go Skate Day – 2018

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The streets were lit in Vancouver for 2018’s Go Skateboarding Day and Kaelen Morrison captured some of the action.

Barriers are here to stay!

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We are absolutely delighted to announce that yesterday June 19th, 2018 after a meeting with the City of Vancouver,  the barriers located in the back of Centre Distribution are allowed to stay!

Thank you so much to each and every person who signed the petition and the team at Centre Distribution and Red Dragons for pushing this initiative.  

Thank you again to everyone for the amazing support, we are truly grateful that you chose to add your voice in the community and that we together we can see positive change in our city. 


Car Free Day 2018

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Thousands of people came out to flood  Vancouver’s Main Street this past June 17 to bask in the sun and celebrate Car-Free Day.

As is our annual tradition, The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition once again set up a mini ramp and a selection of obstacles and ramps on the hill of 14th and Main with the goal of promoting skateboarding, stoking people out and sharing the love of riding on 4 wheels.

Thanks to Michelle Pezel and Jeff Cole for helping to coordinate the day, to all those who helped set-up and take down and move the ramps, and to everyone who came out throughout the day to lend a hand in keeping the good times and the love of skateboarding flowing.

Next year the VSBC wants to make our contribution to Main Street Car Free Day even better. We will be looking throughout the year for more obstacles and volunteers,  so let us know if you want to be involved.


Photos by Jeff Cole and Norma Ibarra

Quilchena Skateboard Park Update

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Words by Sam Woodbridge

Quilchena Skateboard Park has been renewed and repaired!

Located at West 30th and Magnolia, Quilchena is the only skatepark located in Vancouver’s Westside.

Centrally located between Kitsilano, Dunbar, and Kerrisdale the park has served as hub for many of the Westside Vancouver skaters since its creation in 2001.

Originally built with limited number of obstacles such as ledges, banks and a flat bar, the park, prior to renovations,  was generally felt to be lacking, and dated, and many of the existing features themselves were considered ( by modern standards) to be  far from perfect and drastically in need of maintenance and repair.

Early fall 2017, conversations began between The Vancouver Park Board, New Line Skateboard Parks, The VSBC and a select group of active community members.

Through a series of following meetings and design consultations, a plan and design are agreed upon to renovate, modernize and add to the pre-existing facility.

October 2017, the contract for the renovations to Quilchena Skateboard Park is awarded to and all work is to be completed by New Line Skateboard Parks.

Construction begins November 2017 and one month later at the beginning of December the park is finished and reopened to skateboarders and the general public.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ | 📱 @jeff_cole

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Landscaping immediately around the perimeter of the space is scheduled by The Parks Board to completed this coming spring.

The new renovated Skatepark now features an expansion of the park by a few meters, making room for a brand new “long ledge” bordering the edge of the space on the west side of the facility.

This new extension of surface also allows skateable access to both sides of the pre-existing granite ledge.

The steep bank located at the southern end of the skatepark has been replaced with a quarter pipe, with a hip and roll-in.

The centrepiece of the skatepark has been remodeled from a steeper  “wall ride”; style bank with ledge sticking out of it,  to a mellower more accessible bank, and the “inset ledge” has been rebuilt to stick out further from the bank so it can be better used.

The north side of the skatepark, which originally was primarily used as a flat ground area;  now contains a new slappy curb and DIY style quarter pipe with hand poured coping and two bowled corners.

Finally, skateboarders living on the Westside of Vancouver after years of trekking to UBC, Hastings , The Plaza or elsewhere in the lower mainland, have a facility in their neighbourhood that is versatile, well rounded and meets the demands of modern-day skateboarding.

The VSBC is excited to be apart of these changes that have brought about a rejuvenation and excitement to what was once one of Vancouver’s most underused skateboard parks.

Vancouver Skateboarding Guestagrammer Kaelen Morrison

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Kaelen Morrison is a photographer from Ladner. “Skateboarding has always been really interesting for me especially shooting it. The atmosphere that it gives off is like nothing else, I love it!”

Andy Anderson air walks the 7 at the Vancouver Skate Plaza
on Go Skate Day 2017.

Sheatherz heavy nose blunt slides across a crusty bank on
East Hastings st.

Tshawn Cope nose grinds some marble ledges at the
playground known as UBC.

Austin Doquiatan back tails a buttery curved ledge at Charles
Dickens elementary.

Callum Derrig throws down a bs feeble at Alpha rail for his
upcoming part in the Acronym video.

Justice Wilson one foots it at the legendary DIY park Leeside.

Dolan Slingsby 360 flips at the Vancouver Georgia banks.

Would you like to be a guestagrammer contact us via Instagram. 


AGM – 2017 Board of Directors

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In April we hosted our AGM, where we reviewed 2016  and elected this year’s Board of Directors, we are happy to announce the new board.

The results are as follows:

President: Jeff Cole
Vice President: Michelle Pezel
Secretary /Treasurer: Kristen Landry
Director of Events: Melanie Mercier
Director of Marketing and Communications: Norma Ibarra
Executive Members: Will Pearson, Spencer Hamilton and Geoff Dermer
Members at Large
Jesse Oye,  Micheal Gordon, Sasha Van Stavel, Bill Silver, Chris Young
IMG_7448 IMG_7449

We at the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition would like to thank our extraordinary skateboard community at large for their continued support .


Vancouver Skateboard Plaza Survey

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The Park Board and the City of Vancouver are undertaking a survey for the planning of the area around the Vancouver Downtown Skateboard Plaza.

They want to hear from plaza users right now to get a good understanding of our needs, wants and expectations, in our quest for a better Plaza.

The survey can be completed online here.

Skates hosts will also be at the Plaza between October 15th and 29th to gather information from Plaza skaters. Please fill up the survey,  pass it on share the survey.

Let’s not hope for the best future plaza but get our best future plaza !!

The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition


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